PROPSCAN Services - Authorized Facility

PROPSCAN Services - Authorized Facility

PROP SCAN Authorized Facility

Increases Performance
Increases Speed
Reduces Fuel Consumption
Eliminates Propeller Induced Vibration
Enables Synchronization of Multiple Engines
Matches Sets to ISO Tolerances
Ensures Results are Repeatable

Prop Scan computer generated reports:
Prop Scan technicians issue computer generated before and after reports to all of our customers. In addition, the Prop Scan computer system keeps a record of all repairs. This allows the technicians to reproduce a propeller tuning of the same specification the first time and every time.

North Coast Tech was Established in 2003

Member of the National Marine Propeller Association

Certified Inboard Propeller Technician

Certified by Propeller Dynamics

Repair, correct, and tune propellers better than or equal to ISO standards

Sell new and used propellers

Sell and repair all inboard underwater gear, i.e. struts, rudders shafts bearings, etc.

Dealer for PYI Dripless Shaft Sealing System

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