Propeller Repair and Truing

Propeller Repair and Truing

The revolutionary Prop Scan technology takes the guess work out of the equation

Choosing the right prop service is crucial to the performance of your vessel. Here's just a few reasons why you will want to choose North Coast Prop Tech for your propeller repairs and tuning:

Our Proven Process - each step is carried out and analized by our Prop Technicians

1) Sea Trial

It starts with a good sea trial. The data from this sea trial along with boat specifications and propulsion efficiencies is crucial to successfully tuning your propellers for optimum performance.

2) FREE Propeller Inspection and Prop Scan Computer Analysis

Your propeller is inspected and scanned using the Prop Scan measuring instrument. The “as arrived” computerized report will show the true state of your propeller. The hydrodynamic features of your propeller, good or bad, will be evident and the accuracy will be compared to ISO 484/2 international standards. All this done for you at no charge.

3) Identify Deficiencies (problem areas)

By combining the sea trial data and scan report results, our technicians are able to identify deficiencies and areas for improvement.

4) Solution

The initial inspection data, sea trial conditions, and performance to specifications are assessed and different options for correction and repair are considered. 

A plan is then formulated to address and correct the deficiencies found. It becomes the road map to improvement and repair.

5) Validate

Before any work begins, we validate our plan usingThe  Prop Scan EPD (Enhanced Propeller Designs) software to verify the expected outcome of the plan. This along with our experience with other similar situations helps us to validate the direction we’re headed.

6) Repair and Correction

Our technicians follow the plan making the necessary corrections and inspect the quality of each tuning step using the Prop Scan measuring instrument.

Once completed a quality certificate showing compliance to ISO 484/2 and Prop Scan EPS Class Standards is generated for you.

7) Confirmation

A final sea trial paying particular attention to the WOT rpms, speed, and smoothness will confirm that we got it right (the first time).

Common Propeller Problems:

  • Impact Damage

  • Propeller Induced Vibration

  • Overloaded Engine (often evident as smoke in the exhaust)

  • Over Turning Engine

  • Propeller Cavitation

  • Singing Propeller

  • Poor Fuel Economy

  • Engines Not Synchronized

  • Reversing Problems

North Coast Tech was Established in 2003

Member of the National Marine Propeller Association

Certified Inboard Propeller Technician

Certified by Propeller Dynamics

Repair, correct, and tune propellers better than or equal to ISO standards

Sell new and used propellers

Sell and repair all inboard underwater gear, i.e. struts, rudders shafts bearings, etc.

Dealer for PYI Dripless Shaft Sealing System

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