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All Styles, Sizes, and Materials (Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Bronze, NiBral) of Marine Propellers Serviced  

Including Inboards, I/O's, IPSs, Outboards for Sailboats, Ski Boats, Yachts, Research Vessels, Ferries,

And The US Coast Guard.  When choosing a propeller repair facility there are a number of things you should consider.

Probably first and foremost is reputation. Ask around. Whose name do you hear the most? Find out why. 

They should have state of the art electronic measuring instruments capable of measuring within .001 of an inch the hydrodynamic features

of a propeller such as Prop Scan. Do they have state of the art bending equipment like the Prop Press 360 that can gently twist and shape

the propeller to exacting tolerances? Do they control repairs to ISO 484/2 and Enhanced Propeller Standards? How many radii do they measure?

Most shops only do 3 radii. North Coast Prop Tech controls and measures a minimum of 6 radii.  The more radii measured, the more accurately

your prop can be tuned.We are the only repair shop in the area with a Certified Inboard Propeller Technician. We are backed up by Propeller

Dynamics, manufacturers of Prop Scan, and a network of peers within the Prop Scan family of repair facilities who freely share their knowledge

and expertise. We are also members of the National Marine Propeller Association and Lake Erie Marine Trades Association. 

Lastly, do they stand behind their work?

Increases Performance
Increases Speed
Reduces Fuel Consumption
Eliminates Propeller Induced Vibration
Enables Synchronization of Multiple Engines
Matches Sets to ISO Tolerances
Ensures Results are Repeatable

Prop Scan computer generated reports:
Prop Scan technicians issue computer generated before and after reports to all of our customers. In addition, the Prop Scan computer

system keeps a record of all repairs. This allows the technicians to reproduce a propeller tuning of the same specification the first time and every time.

We are Propellers Dealer for Veem, Ballistic, Mercury Marine, Michigan Wheel and more. We are a PropScan Certified Shop. We ship all over the USA.

Hours of operation:
Monday through Friday: 8:30 – 4:30pm  Call ahead to be sure someone can assist you right away.

Evenings & Saturdays “by appointment”
Closed Sundays and Holidays